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Preserve & Enhance your memories.

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Intentionally leave a legacy for your children, grandchildren, family, & friends. You can share important life lessons, your experiences from childhood, your hard-earned wisdom gained through the joys and challenges of life. Try our LEGACY INTERVIEWS! 


This can be a tremendous way to show your parents and grandparents how much you care.



We take your old media 

(Home Movies, 8mm Film, Slides, Photos, Precious Letters & Documents, Cassettes, Records, & more) and turn them into


that will last for many years to come. 

Indulge Your Creativity


We can add special touches like adding voice-over audio to your images and video, including special songs behind your slide show, adding in special text, titles, captions, and lyrics, including creative transitions between different sections of your video, and much more. 


Let the creativity flow!!!



Working with a Real Person You Meet Face-to-Face.

Your precious treasures are NEVER sent off in the mail. We meet you in person.

Partnering with someone who genuinely cares about your projects, and you.

Top reasons to choose More Than Memories.

What our customers say about us

Wil did a great job transferring my old home movies to both DVDs & a portable Hard Drive. The job was completed on time & budget. I will use him in the future & I strongly recommend Wil to my friends & family.

 I highly recommend Wil Davenport. Our 8mm film was from the 1960's and I wasn't really sure if the film was still good, but with Wil's expertise and the type of service he preforms in bringing my family's home movies to life it was amazing how good they came out. Job well done and truly priceless!! Thank you!

Our family couldn’t be happier with Wil’s work. My Grandfather showed us a set of 35 mm slides from the 1950s. Wil was able to convert them to a digital format. They look great and we will be able to preserve these great memories.

David Topor

Carron Chernobieff

Zach Flynn

What better way to demonstrate how much you care about your family & friends than to celebrate by creating a Better Treasure with More Than Memories?