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 What we Do & Who We Are

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More Than Memories came out of a PASSION to strengthen friendships and encourage families. We take your old photos, cassettes, home movies, slides, records, and much more and transform them into TRULY INSPIRATIONAL experiences. We don't just want to remind you of the past, we want to take your memories and them something more:

Meet wil Davenport, Founder & Creative Designer

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We transform your memories so that they can be shared with and enjoyed by generations to come.

From every purchase you make, we invest in the lives of extraordinary children in Paraguay, the second poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. Your purchase will bring hope and opportunity to children in dire need.

We personalize them, improve them, and make them into an even better treasure than you remembered.

If you want to know what Wil Davenport strives to be known for, it can be summed up in three short phrases: integrity filled, a great encourager, and kind. The husband of Celeste Davenport and the father of Kaleb, Elise, and Nika, Wil seeks to serve and exceed the expectations of his customers. He is also an avid Duke basketball fan.